Highlights of this release

Update from ScalaWebTest < 3.0.1

No code change is required.

Update from ScalaWebTest < 3.0.0

Please follow the update description in the 3.0.0 release notes

False negatives in HtmlElementGauge

With #98 we fixed a bug, where the HTML fragment, after parsing with Jsoup, would miss the top-level element, if this required a certain parent, which is not part of the parsed fragment. For example <tr> is only valid within a <tbody>. As Jsoup removes invalid elements during parsing, the <tr> would be missig in the tree, returned by Jsoup. To prevent this we now provide an according context to Jsoup, if needed.

BOM was improved

The Bill-of-Materials, which can be imported in the dependencyManagement of your maven build, was improved. We added <scope>test</scope> to all dependencies. Additionally we added play-json to the BOM.